Ever wondered why some things could interest you so much?..Most times I find it quite strange how things tend to turn out in my life. It is said that one should never judge a book by its cover (even tho the cover to this particular book looks quite attractive 😏). Am sure we could all come up with a thousand and one reasons as to why certain things should map out a certain way but quite frankly, things don’t always work out the way we think they ought to. So what am I possibly going on about you ask? Well……let’s say it’s about a “book” 😼( yes, because I like to read like that…unto Einstein tings you know 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼). So I was told about a certain book by a friend; one whose name shall remain unknown for my own safety (abegggggg jọwọ , ma ṣe pa mi o 😂 I hope I got that right sha. For those of us who don’t know what I just said, I think I wrote something in the lines of “pls don’t kill me o”..I think!) Ok, so back to the topic at hand then..

Firstly, I think I should probably put this out there..I don’t always judge a book by its cover (well, at least not all the time tho). So, ok.. this book was one that I tried to NOT look into for a few reasons including fear of the unknown. However, after all said and done, I finally got this book. Now although this book has no synopsis (meaning I don’t know know what to expect from this book lol) I’ve  read a few pages and honestly, I must say I’m impressed with all I’ve read so far. This book is one I have decided to read quite slowly and steadily..(I want to make sure I get every single word out of this book)…The thing that has me most intrigued so far is the fact that I’ve only just begun reading but yet with each passing paragraph, a certain hunger for the next one builds up.

Now lets get past all this ‘book” this and book that…Truth is, I’ve learned a very  valuable lesson. God in His infinite wisdom, knows all that was, is, and is to become of us as far as our individual lives are concerned. I recently became friends with this amazing being whose friendship in one way or the other reminds me of the aforementioned literature (and trust me, “amazing” is a bit of an understatement for what he has been, sometimes, I wonder if he’s human at all lol) . The reason why I mentioned the book earlier in this post is that it reminds me a lot about the things we often overlook as humans. We have it in our nature to search for things far and wide, not remembering to look close by (basically, I guess what am trying to say, is that the things we may be searching for all over the place, may just be there staring us in the face lol).

Waaaaaaiiiiiiittttt! So!!I since its 12am, this means its a brand new day and a very special one at that….You see, some years ago, God blessed this world with a very special someborryyy👶🏾😻. I am trying so hard to keep my razzness under control right now as i write this..(The Lord is my strength!!). Today marks the beginning of a brand new year (in age that is) for you and I know God has nothing but blessings upon blessings in store for you. As you read this, I want you to know that you are blessed beyond words. I titled this writeup “stars” because you are nothing short of that. Happy birthday Onyekere!!!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽  Its officially time to torment you! 😘


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Well wouldn’t that be nice lol!. So lemme get this straight, you actually clicked on that link just to read up on my fake pregnancy banters? hahahahaha oya na!  Well, my God pass all of una sha lol! As much as it saddens me to burst your bubbles, this babe never get bele o 😹 mbanuuu!. Soooooo, my people it have “teeeeeyed well well” ( for some of us who don’t understand the gibberish I’m writing, this expression means “its been a while”😁). I know you guys  are probably thinking it and yes, it seems like I only write once or twice a year (I actually picked up manual journaling to keep myself busy… you know, good old pen and paper) but I’m officially done with school now and as it stands, I promise to keep up with wordpress more often.

I know just like every other normal individual out there, you (yes you! reading this) are probably going through “stuff” too. The term “stuff” in this context could be indicative of anything be it school, work, relationships, ill health or maybe just life in general. Well, I’ve got news for you; you and I are not so different in that aspect. You see my good friends, just like you, I too have been having my fair share of it all and that’s why we’re going to be talking about it all today and then some!😈 😁 (well, am doing most of the talking here but you’re more than welcome to comment below). I think I’ve delayed you guys enough so without further delay, let’s get to it then.

DIG A LITTLE DEEPER! Yes, this is my topic for today’s post. Why this you ask? Because we all have this problem of focusing on things we “want” rather than the things we actually “need”. We often become so consumed with thoughts of what “could be” and then end up forgetting about the things that are present in the here and now. This applies to every single aspect of our lives. Many times over, I have looked at other people’s lives and how much they’ve “progressed”and in the process, I tend to forget just how far I’ve come and just how good God’s been to a sister. The truth of the matter is this: no matter how bad you may think you have it, there is someone else somewhere who has it much muuuuch worse. Now speaking of others, its important to understand that just as you observe others, there will always be that person or group of persons who will be too busy worrying about you. And trust me guys, when I said “worrying about you”, I don’t mean that in an “I genuinely care about your welfare” type of way. Now how do you deal with people like this? Its rather simple actually. Laugh about it, and act like you don’t know what’s going on. Besides, if someone finds you interesting enough to worry about your life so much, sh*t,  you might as well make it worth it right?😂 lol! Ok no but seriously now guys, life’s too short to worry about extraneous matters. Instead of doing that, I’d rather just take time out to do a little soul searching for the things that really mean a lot to me.

Still on the subject, it’s literally taken the past few months for me to realize that there is truly nothing impossible on this planet. As I write this, I’m still in disbelief. This year has been an amazing one. A few chapters of my life ended (to be continued in 2016 in the name of grad school), and some others began. As the affable individual that I truly am (am sure someone is reading this and going “you of all people?? i don’t think so??”lmaoooo), I’ve made quite a few friends this year and equally lost some. I guess,  I figured out that you certainly cannot be you and also be the  person everybody else wants you to be. Initially, my lack of concern for the random  things happening in this regard bothered me but after some time, I finally figured out what I was unconsciously doing. I was prioritizing and I was so proud of myself for it too (after all, this was part of me “digging deep” right?). Honestly, I know this is easier said than done, but then again, nothing worth doing in this life is easy tho. Well ladies and gentlemen, I’m pretty sure I’ve babbled enough for one day, but the one thing I want us all to take from all of this is, if it doesn’t bring a smile to your face, make you happy, or even remotely make your life easier…..well, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

Alright folks, that’s all for now; until next time (which hopefully shouldn’t take almost a year this time lol) but till then, here’s a little humour to brighten up your day.




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Ok so its been like forever..

Like all other good things in this life, this too must come to an end………(Nawwwww ladies and gents, am just joking! I haven’t even started yet lol). Yessssss my lovelies, I know its been ages since my previous post but school’s been calling and I’ve been answering nau! So people; what’s been up????? I honestly think you guys need to comment down below and hook a sister up with jists o! Una know say I like amebo talk too much na lol.
Ok but on a more serious note now tho, I have missed blogging for quite some time now but all was not lost because during this time, little miss nurse over here has been learning some life lessons here and there. Ladies and gentlemen, it is best i just tell you now that though some of the things you are about to read may not seem like a big deal (from a reader’s perspective that is..), the experiences have served as a learning experience for me and in my opinion, all lessons learned in this lifetime are worth it. On that note, let’s get to it then…
Life is a very funny thing. I feel as though it’s this very big game of chess and I just have to make sure my “Queen” is guarded by all the “knights” possible. In other words, one must learn how to swivel through the hurdles of life in the most appropriate and cautious way possible. This notion is probably one of the most important thoughts my mind keeps securely locked away at the back of my mind. It amazes me that even with all the “YOLO” ish going on today (if people even still say that), people still live and make the same mistakes over and over again as if they have the whole of eternity to eventually get it right in the end. Truth is, yes we do live only once when you think about it, but mistakes are meant to be made and lessons are also meant to be derived from the said mistakes.
I am one person who does things my own way irrespective of anyone’s opinion and still ends up satisfied with my actions even if I end up regretting it in anyway. This is probably one aspect of my life that needs to change in one way or another (I need to learn how to actually listen to people and take advice) but it has brought me to that point of my life where I can actually be like “Oh snap maybe I should have listened to so and so..). Many times over, I’ve wondered if ever love on its own was ever meant to be an all-the-time-blissful affair. I am still very young I admit, but at 24, I should be able to at least boast of “knowing a thing or two about men”; but i kid you not when I say I don’t know jack!LITERALLY!
Over the years, I have just watched guys around me do their thing and it’s occurred to me that men have a pattern to the way they do certain things. Recently, I came across someone who CONFUSED THE CRAP OUTTA ME and eventually ended up making me disbelieve everything that eventually came out of the mouth of any guy for a while. I have been told that on the journey towards emotional growth, you will encounter a lot of obstacles but I never for once thought that I’d get to the point where I would have to question myself on certain decisions I’ve made in the past (and to be honest with you guys, i’m actually beginning to question if this whole “love” thing is even real, and if it is, is it really worth all the trouble tho?? ). Don’t get me wrong please, I do not have a problem with love and dating at all; if anything, I think there should be more of that going on because it seems to be making everyone all bubbly and sh*t and that’s a good thing..may actually lead to less angry females, and less thirsty males roaming the streets looking for whom to devour! (AM SORRY I SOUND SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW BUT THIS JUST PISSES ME OFF AHNN! LOL).
Ok so back to the man I was talking about. This man in question, approached me with the “I’m the nicest one of them all” front and at the end of the day, ended up being the deadliest of ’em all lol. That didn’t bother me much, because considering the things I’ve encountered previously in my life, I’ve come to the point where I can no longer trust anyone anymore. But this person tried too hard to get my trust and that in itself was a bit shady to me. I’ve often wondered why most relationship[s begin so blissful and then end up becoming a battle ground in the end (who eventually wins the fight tho?, why does there have to be a “last man standing”? Can’t there just be a truce? and even at that, is that a guarantee that another war won’t spring up anytime soon????). I ask all these questions because I feel like people do not look into these things well enough because if we did, there would be less broken relationships here and there.
Yes I know you must be thinking “bia!, this girl has too many questions o! “(WELL GET OVER IT! LMAO). But I know am not the only one who has a question or two about these issues. I ask these questions because I want to be able to love someone wholeheartedly without holding anything back. While most people may disagree with the views noted on this post, I really hope we can all come to an agreement with the fact that the key thing in every love, relationship, “situation”, is mainly………………………………………….TRUST………………………….(which will be our topic for the next post!)

(And this is where we draw the curtains tonight guys.) I am hella sleepy right now but please read up on this post, tackle it, do whatever you want to it, and please don’t forget to drop your comments below (constructive criticism is always welcomed with open arms:)! Later guys!)

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Piloting That Still Small Voice…

Wow!! OK, so it’s finally time….

I have been thinking about my very first topic that i’ll use to launch my newly found ambition  but that’s taken me almost 4 days now and I still couldn’t choose from a multitude of topics lol! I’ve come to understand that over thinking this might end up being disastrous (Yikes!), so I chose the next best thing….going with my instincts. While this too has proved to become quite a task (*overactive imagination alert*), I shall just keep writing and at the end, keep my finger’s crossed that you’ll end up liking it. Before I make this a habit, i’m just going to stop and introduce myself a bit to those of you who might not know me..

I have been told my name is Florence (Ada or Adaeze to the lot who know me personally) but seriously tho, I think my parents lied because I’ve introduced myself to so many people as Emelia,  Ema, name it! ( i just love to see the confused look on people’s faces when they see me the next day yelling ” Ema”,excuse me miss!..It’s hella hilarious; LMAO! p.s: I swear am not tryna be a jerk, but it really cracks me up). Ok so back to business, ummm..lest i forget, I am Nigerian by birth (Abia State to be precise) but I’ve lived here in U.S for the greater majority of my life. I had the privilege of attending secondary school back home…the bucket and provision stealing days..and finally, I am currently in nursing school :).

As it turns out,I am still growing and learning everyday and it’s quite the journey but I love every minute of it. Within the 23 years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend on earth, I’ve come across so many different calibers of individuals. I can’t say they’ve all been pleasant encounters ( am sure most of you can’t either) but looking closely at things now, it seems as if i have been destined to meet these beautiful/horrible individuals. Truthfully, I’m very sure that some of you reading this right now might even be at that point where you’ve come to know who you’re   “real companions” truly are; and then all of a sudden……((((BOOOM!)))) IT ALL COMES CRASHING DOWN and just like my friend the itsy bitsy spidy, you end up having to begin the climb to friendship, love and trust all over again. You see, speaking from experience, every soul that comes into your life has a purpose for which it has been destined for in your life.

I look back at my experiences in this past year, and sometimes I just shake my head…mostly because I was more of the villain than the victim. I’ve been a naughty little thing this year (but Santa and I had a mutual understanding so I still got my gifts sha; No shaking!). I have seriously dabbled into some convos and issues that were honestly none of my business..:(..That’s that amebor spirit!.., lost some friendships, and gained ones that were 1000x better.  I am one girl who is most certainly not perfect, full of flaws here and there, but always ready to admit my shortcomings any day. I feel that being able to admonish myself is the way forward towards becoming a better person; not just for myself, but for everyone around me.

In the past year also, I’ve tried to really see if I can understand the concepts  of relationships, trust, love and what not. It’s very strange how everyone I knew back in Nigeria is getting married, having babies and so on (it’s almost as if it’s the newest thing in vogue now). I am truly very elated, but honestly tho, can love be that easy to find??? abi is it raining husbands and wives outside ( I will need 2 umbrellas please, and if after reading this post, you’re touched by God to buy them, pls feel free abeg!). Just in case I may not have mentioned it before, I may be the biggest lover of music out there..No joke, am dead serious!..I love them all from hiphop, to rock, to metal, no fuji..highlife…(FLAVOUR TONIGHTTTTTTTT!).

Turns out there are so many things to talk about, my in subsequent posts to come, I will go into more details on every single one of our everyday wahalas..(For those of us who don’t understand pidgin, that means problems/troubles). I will be keeping in touch every week, so feel free to comment (will be very much appreciated), I welcome constructive criticism with open arms 🙂 because it helps me get better.

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